DUI Lawyer With Experience vs Public Defender

You could be assigned a public defender to represent you in court if you have been convicted and charged with DUI in Virginia. This is usually achieved when the defendant lacks the financial means to employ their own counsel. However, there are significant variations between a public defender and an accomplished Virginia DUI attorney. Check https://duichicago.com/uncategorized/will-a-public-defender-help-you-with-a-dui-case/.

What is the role of a public defender?

A public defender is a full-fledged lawyer who works for the government to represent those who cannot afford their own legal counsel. A public defender can have several trials going on at any given time if the courts are experiencing a high number of cases. As a result, their resources are stretched thin, and they have little time to devote to each client individually.

The Benefits of a Private Virginia DUI Attorney

Instead of hiring a public defender, you could hire an accomplished Virginia DUI lawyer. Despite the fact that both lawyers attended the same law school and received the same degrees, their skills and attitudes can be vastly different.

A private Virginia DUI lawyer just does DUI defence cases, but yours is the only one they’re concerned about. A lawyer who niches their practise in this way focuses only on that field of law, allowing them to gain more expertise and experience.

A private Virginia DUI lawyer has the freedom to pick their clients, unlike a public defender who has no choice about who they represent. A lawyer would agree to represent you if they believe they can support you with your case. It is much preferable to have an attorney who is excited to represent you rather than one who is only doing so because it is their work.

A private Virginia DUI lawyer also has the benefit of being able to monitor their caseload when they select their clients. During busy times, many public defenders are overburdened with cases and may not be able to give your case the level of personal attention that a private Virginia DUI lawyer would.

Concerns over Public Defenders

Unfortunately, many weak public attorneys will try to get you to accept a plea deal right away in order to expedite their proceedings. While settling your case with a plea bargain is the quickest way to resolve your case, it does not even begin to consider your DUI defence options. You could be damaging yourself by accepting tougher charges than you should be facing if you submit a plea deal without seeking a second opinion on your case.

There is no time to waste if you have been convicted for DUI in Virginia. You have less than 5 days to hire a lawyer if you want to try to get your licence back. Since your trial date is almost always less than two months after you were convicted, waiting only 14 days to hire a lawyer might seriously jeopardise your DUI protection.