Golf Course Restoration and Golf Course Remodeling – Key Considerations

Golf course renovation and remodelling often necessitate a detailed master plan that will give the course a consistent design style and character:

On an older classically designed golf course, design elements such as mounds, free form tees, wide sprawling bunkers, or excessively contoured fairways and greens can appear out of place. view link

In the renovation or remodelling of an older golf course, scale is also a critical factor. To look like they belong there, newly built greens, tees, bunkers, and/or fairways should be planned in a scale comparable to the original features of the golf course.

The maturity and charm of most old golf courses are two of their greatest assets. In order to increase yardage, fix a safety issue, remove a shade problem, or substitute a problem green, some of these intrinsic qualities can be lost. In order to maintain or integrate these unique qualities, great consideration must be taken in the execution of a golf course renovation or remodelling project: 1. Many older golf courses have beauty and character due to large mature trees, small subtly contoured greens, elaborate bunkering, and the rich colour and texture of mature poa annua turf. Older golf courses, with their near proximity of greens, tees, and fairways, have a more intimate feel to them.

Sprigging the new green with cores taken from the original greens is a very successful way of re-establishing the same colour, texture, and playing characteristics on the new green if the consistency of poa annua turf on the original greens is good and there is a desire to align a newly built green with the original greens on the course. Re-grassing with one of the newer varieties of creeping bent grass is a more realistic choice if the focus of the golf course renovation or remodelling project is on rebuilding all of the original greens on the golf course.

The wear and tear caused by years of daily play and ongoing maintenance will cause all features on a golf course to deteriorate over time. Tees and bunkers appear to be the two features that display the most wear. It’s not uncommon for these features to need to be restored every 10 years or so. The renovation or installation of new tees and bunkers to an older golf course can also provide excellent value in terms of enhanced playing characteristics and aesthetic character.