House Care Services – Things To Know

House Care Services provides the necessary expertise to make certain repairs or to do minor renovations or just general maintenance work around the home of the senior. House Care Services usually consists of licensed and insured contractors that will perform the work that is needed without charging a lot of money up front. Senior Home Care persons are highly trained in all aspects of housekeeping, maintenance and general repairs. They also have a wide range of skills that can be utilized, such as painting, drafting, landscaping, and carpeting.Learn more by visiting TruBlue of Centennial

Handyman Repairs is the type of service that usually requires a small investment to get you the house and yard work done. The prices for the repairs will depend on the amount of work and the experience of the handyman. Many times the prices will be determined by the condition of the home, the amount of work to be done and if it is an addition to the house or a total house care services. In many cases you can negotiate a reasonable price through the use of your contractor.

Monthly Maintenance Maid Services The maid services provided by House Care Services are usually performed in addition to the regular monthly maintenance and house cleaning that has been requested by the senior citizen. In many cases the service can be scheduled to occur daily or alternate days throughout the week. Monthly Maintenance Maids is highly trained and have the necessary tools and equipment to perform the cleaning and repairs that may be needed. You will pay a fee to the handyman of choice to schedule the monthly maintenance service.