Knowing about Happier Home Improvement

The shortage of manpower has been the number one challenge in the home improvement industry for the last 10-15 years. To address this big issue, many contractors are training and recruiting minorities. There are a variety of certifications that can be obtained. To earn these certifications, the applicant must demonstrate a wide range of skills, from sound business practises to project management expertise.Do you want to learn more? Visit the page

The key qualification offered by NARI is Certified Remodelled (CR). This credential necessitates the preparation of a detailed matrix or resume of the applicant’s experience and skills, as well as a specific score on an 8-hour test. Out of the hundreds of thousands of home improvement contractors in the United States, there are just around 1000 CRs. I earned this award in 1994 and continue to wear it proudly today. I will admit that obtaining this certification is a time-consuming and effort-intensive process, but it was well worth the effort. This credential also appeals to me because it must be renewed every year by showing ongoing interest and experience in the home improvement industry.

Why can’t Washington impose a national screening that all people interested in making home improvements must “pass” in order to receive a licence? This licence could be used all over the country. Use a screening procedure similar to the one used by NARI for certifications. You may make the screening as easy as a multiple-choice multiple-answer test. A test that could be scored by a computer.

I believe that dividing home improvement licencing into sub-licenses will be an optimal situation for licencing. For example, if you were a bathroom contractor, you’d get a licence that only allowed you to work on bathrooms. Rather than issuing a single licence that might incorrectly give the impression that the licensee is capable of performing some sort of project, this will simplify what licensees are eligible to do.