Martial Arts Master

What does it mean to be a real Master of Martial Arts? We have frequent dreams of a tiny Japanese master living high on a misty mountain. Only he knows the true self-defense secrets. He is a magical being who is impervious to pain and unbeatable in battle. Despite his frailty, he has the strength of ten men. Many of life’s questions are answered by the words he tells you. But that’s what movies are about, my friends! I’ve met many real martial arts masters and am regarded as one by others. I can assure you that the movie version is a work of fiction! There are no Masters of Martial Arts! However, there are Master Instructors.Learn more about us at Mma fighting techniques

Unfortunately, the majority of our experience of martial arts comes from martial arts movies. Works of fiction that show us a storey that we want to be true but isn’t. Martial arts masters are not magical men who are impervious to pain and unbeatable in battle. They are typically older gentlemen with aching knees, old injuries, and scars who would avoid fighting or any form of aggression if given the choice. But that doesn’t make for an interesting storey. We don’t want martial arts instructors to look like us or our grandfathers. We want them to have beaten ageing, discovered the magic diet, and be able to stomp a 300-pound man in the groyne with a lightning-fast ridge hand. They never had to work because, with their monk-like attitude and incredible fighting skills, they gleaned riches from their days as wealthy samurai and then retired to a life in a bamboo cabin in the hills, eating what they grow and surviving on the gifts of those students who trek to learn his secrets.

That is really a shame, because we overlook the true value of someone who has devoted their entire life to a fighting art.

What we fail to recognise in our lack of knowledge of martial arts mastery is what has been mastered and how.