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You may be able to file a personal injury claim if you were hurt due to no fault of your own. If that’s the case, you should be aware of what to expect from your accident lawyer. While the most crucial thing to do after an accident is to get medical attention, the second step might be just as important: find a skilled lawyer who can help you navigate the sometimes-complex process of settling a personal injury claim. What should you anticipate from your private investigator attorney? What is the point of hiring an attorney in the first place?Do you want to learn more? Visit HawkLaw, P.A.

Any personal injury claim involving a substantial bodily injury or additional losses, such as property damage, will necessitate the assistance of a lawyer.

In general, you should hire an injury claim lawyer if you are out of work for more than a few days or if your medical bills total more than a few thousand dollars. After you hire an attorney, he or she will start working on your case. A review and examination of your claim, as well as a check of your medical records, will be the first steps.

Following that, your attorney will conduct an interview with you to learn more about the circumstances of the accident. This will most likely include some history information, as well as information about your present medical condition and suggested medical treatment. The accident injury lawyer will need to know everything there is to know about the accident, your injuries, and your treatment. With your lawyer, be fully honest and open. Your lawyer does not want any unexpected facts to be revealed.

Following that, your attorney will go over all of the medical records and bills related to the personal injury accident. This can be a long process, so don’t get discouraged if it appears to be taking a long time. You want your lawyer to do a thorough investigation.

The majority of minor personal injury claims are settled before a lawsuit is ever filed. If your lawyer believes there is a strong chance of a settlement, he or she will make a demand to the opposing attorney or the other side’s insurance company. If that isn’t an option, your lawyer will file a personal injury case on your behalf.

Things may appear to come to a halt once the lawsuit is filed, but patience is required once more. A personal injury case can take anywhere from one to two years to reach trial. The Discovery Process then begins, with each side studying the legal allegations and defences of the other. They send out questionnaires and requests for specific documents, and they start taking depositions. This step can take anywhere from six months to a year or more. Mediation and negotiation are the next steps in the legal process, and they may or may not end in a settlement. If your injury claim is not settled, your case will be scheduled for trial.