Refacing Your Cabinets – A Quick Guide

Sometimes also known as resurfacing, refacing the kitchen cabinet is a method of refurbishing your cabinets that replacing broken or worn hardware with brand new hardware. Refacing is especially ideal if your current cabinets are in really bad condition and you desire to give them a new face. It’s not as drastic as an all out replacement since you’re just swapping out just the front of your cabinets. I strongly suggest you to visit refacing your cabinets to learn more about this. When choosing to reface your cabinets, there are several things that need to be considered: the color of your cabinets, do you like the style, do you have enough space, how much money are you willing to spend. Another consideration is your kitchen size and how much space you have available for a full kitchen remodel. If your cabinets don’t fit into your current kitchen size, or if it is too large for the space you have available, then refacing may not be for you.


The first step in refacing your cabinets is to remove all the hardware from your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If there are hardware pieces that you no longer need, such as a door knob, cabinet pulls, door pulls or door knobs, then you can save them by discarding them. The next step is to clean your cabinets thoroughly so as to remove all dust, debris and fingerprints. Use a soft cloth, like a kitchen towel, to wipe down the cabinet surface, including drawer fronts, countertops and any other surfaces that come into contact with your kitchen cabinetry. If you have any chips, cracks, scratches or gouges in your cabinets then it is important to repair or paint them prior to refinishing.

The next step in refacing your cabinets is to prepare your existing kitchen layout as well as your cabinet layouts and door styles. If your existing kitchen layout has doors with different widths and depths, then you should plan out how you wish to change your cabinet layouts. You can choose to replace your doors with new contemporary or modern ones or perhaps go for an entirely new layout altogether. When you have your layout planned, it is important to pay attention to the spacing of each cabinet piece, as well as the spacing between the wall and the floor. This will ensure that your refacing job is a success.

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