Dragging Techniques in Painting and Decorating

“Faux dragging” may be used on the majority of sufficiently smooth and prepared surfaces to give the appearance of luxurious silk or designer wallpaper. Although it is a relatively simple technique to master, it adds a lot to the overall painting and decorating project because the results are luxurious and breathtaking.

To achieve the “faux dragging” effect, a variety of glazes and latex paints can be used, but we always recommend using an oil-based paint or glaze because it will allow you more leeway in terms of trying to manipulate it into the required styles, while non-oil based ones will dry extremely quickly. The best part about this technique is that it can be used not only on walls and ceilings, but also on other forms of woodwork and furniture.Visit GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors for more details.

When a dry brush is pulled through a coloured glaze, the effect is formed. The base colour is exposed in very fine lines, giving the walls the appearance of silk cloth. Dragging is most effective over a white base coat in soft colours like pastels. To build a “vintage” look, start with a cream or off-white base and add tan or taupe colours.
So here are the steps to performing “faux dragging”:
Using a silicone base coat, apply two coats (white or off-white). Allow at least two hours for the wall to dry after painting both coats.
Mix satin latex paint with latex glazing liquid according to the glazing liquid’s package directions.
Apply the coloured glaze to a length of workable surface.
Begin by dragging a 4″ dragging brush (or any long bristled brush) through the wet glaze from one end to the other. You may also use a dry rag for this technique. To achieve the desired result, repeat the process many times. When you drag, keep your hand as steady as possible.
Often, if you’re dealing with the whole length of a wall, from ceiling to baseboard, a very large brush, such as a wallpaper brush or even the wide end of a broom, may be used.
Steps 3 and 4 should be repeated on the next area. Before dragging the next place, clean the dragging brush with a rag.
Apply a coat of varnish after the dragging finish has dried if you’re using it on woodwork or trim.