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Medical Marijuana Doctors has seen a huge increase in sales over the past year or so, even as the federal government continues to move against it. There are now six states licensed medical marijuana clinics located throughout the state of , with one each in Atlantic and Monmouth counties. These clinics are able to operate under either a license through the  State Department of Health or under a “compassionate use” permit, which is also referred to as a “patient’s petition.” A recent study by the  State Department of Health showed a marked increase in marijuana use among school children and adolescents, from 7% to 14%. This is despite the fact that many students take a mandatory drug test when entering their freshman year of high school.You may want to check out Missouri Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations for more.

Although doctors in detoxification centers throughout the country are allowed to prescribe this medicine to those patients who need relief from chronic pain, there seems to be a limit when it comes to actually prescribing medical marijuana doctors. Many centers simply do not feel comfortable doing so. Others argue that it is not a safe medication and that the long term effects on an addicted mind is simply not worth the short-term benefits. However, there are a growing number of doctors across the country that believe that the widespread use of this substance has helped some people overcome their addiction and return to living normal lives. They have begun writing articles and creating podcasts in order to share their opinions with others.

The  State Department of Health has begun the process of changing the law that allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients that suffer from debilitating medical conditions. The changes will make it easier for doctors to write accurate reports to patients and they will also be able to discuss more compassionate care options for those suffering from debilitating diseases. If you or a loved one are a victim of debilitating disease and would like to learn more about how a doctor can help you, visit your local state health department and speak with a friendly representative.