Inventory Management – What Can Supply Chain Executives Do About It?

Despite decades of technological advancement around the manufacturing industry, supply chain management specialists have remained pretty unsatisfied over the years in terms of implementing real-time inventory tracking, despite the many challenges of implementing advanced, robust, real-time inventory tracking applications. In some ways, these supply chain management specialists are quite right. The complexity of real-time inventory tracking software and its inherent problems have, for decades, kept supply chain logistics experts from realizing their full potential.If you’re interested and want to learn more about them,visit our site.

One challenge that the logistics industry has long been facing is the inability to precisely determine the exact condition of all items in an ever-changing environment. This inability has made it necessary for many warehouses and distribution facilities to resort to the use of “knowledge” or” intuition” – the knowledge base of the warehouse managers and the managers of the distribution center about how their respective environments are evolving. With the advent of modern information technology, the use of “intuition” no longer holds true. The use of “intuition” means that the supply chain managers now have access to real-time inventory tracking, which allows them to make (and keep) the appropriate adjustments to their warehouse operations and to their shipping processes and strategies. And the availability of real-time inventory tracking software makes it easier for these managers to make the necessary adjustments as environments change.

But if the use of knowledge or intuition no longer works in the modern world of e-commerce, then what does supply chain management specialists should do? One answer might be to go back to the drawing board, and to re-examine the existing supply chain management frameworks that are in place. Perhaps this requires the simplification of the current warehouse and fulfillment environment. Perhaps, instead of basing warehouse and fulfillment operations around traditional time frames or delivery formats, real-time inventory tracking could be used as a part of a more holistic process of inventory management. Real-time inventory monitoring may be the answer to the current challenges faced by the supply chain specialists.