Union City Global Green Insurance Agency – Things To Consider

An insurance agency, often known as an insurance broker or independent agent, broils, writes and sells policies for a number of insurance providers. They’re not directly connected to any one insurance company. This means that their job is to find the best deals for you but they aren’t underwritten by any one specific provider. This allows them to make the best recommendations possible and often can result in you getting better rates than you could get on your own. I strongly suggest you to visit Global Green Insurance Agency of the Bay Area, Union City to learn more about this.

Insurance agencies have agents in every state in America, plus a few more in some states than others. Most independent agents are licensed by their state to represent their particular insurance policy providers. This means that when you deal with these agents, you must be aware of what their legal obligations are. For instance, if you want a particular level of coverage, you must tell them so in advance and they must provide you with copies of any policies they cover.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing an insurance agent is whether or not they are licensed to represent the insurer. There are three distinct types of license that insurance agents may be required to maintain: professional indemnity insurance (also known as PLI), professional liability insurance and state licensing. Professional indemnity insurance protects the insurer against claims made against the agent for acts or omissions in their capacity as an insurance broker. Also, there are state licensing requirements that must be met in order to legally sell or service policies in certain states. If an agent has questions regarding the laws governing his or her state, he or she should be able to inform you.


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