What’s A Leather Vest And Why Wear One?

Leather vests can be a more uncommon outerwear choice when compared to the traditional leather jacket, but that’s just as good of a choice as any. Like leather jackets, vests have evolved from functional military wear to fashionable everyday wear. And like leather jackets, they evolve almost seamlessly from their humble beginnings in the army to a sort of fashion statement and a style icon. In fact, there’s hardly a military uniform these days that doesn’t come with at least one vest!I strongly suggest you to visit official site to learn more about this.

The most common design of leather vests is probably the plain, simple design. This is the vest you might see men wearing in the woods, on patrol, or at war walking behind a tank. There are many other designs, including ones with zippers or with a drawstring or two or three laced sides – either side zipping up to give you a bit of an added “oomph” look, or three laced sides for added comfort. It’s all about what sort of looks you’re going for.

One particular design that’s fairly new is the harley-davidson vest. A popular motorcycle accessory, the harley-davidson motorcycle vest combines the practical elements of a leather vest with a motorcycle designed look. Some of the most popular styles include the basic motorcycle jacket look, the black leather look, or the colorful, patterned, motorcycle pullover style. It’s even available in pink now!