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A vascular surgeon will perform a variety of procedures that will change the function, appearance and length of the veins in the body. These procedures will either be to repair a severely damaged or diseased vein, or prevent the growth of tumors or the formation of new aneurysms. One type of procedure that these professionals may perform is called an aneurysm recovery. This involves the use of a balloon catheter to introduce medications directly into the aorta, where the balloon is inflated by saline solution. This prevents excessive bleeding, reduces pressure on the internal structures and heals an aneurysm. Visit Center for Vascular Medicine – Columbia, Columbia.

Vascular surgeons may also choose to perform surgical procedures that are considered minimally invasive endovascular surgery. This type of procedure utilizes ultrasound energy to break up a clot, stopping the blood flow to the area. The procedure does not require the use of general anesthesia, since there is no requirement for the patient to stay in the hospital. Once the procedure is performed, the wound is closed and a bandage will be applied. Most patients can go home the same day, but recovery time can vary based on the severity of the procedure and the actual size and number of broken or damaged veins.

Before a patient agrees to undergo any type of surgical procedure, it is important to understand what a vascular surgeon can do for them. This type of professional can perform many invasive and minimally invasive surgeries that will help to eliminate or reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and even some forms of cancer. If you currently suffer from one of these conditions or have had one in the past, you may want to consult with a qualified vascular surgeon to talk about the options available to you. These qualified professionals can provide you with the information and details that you need in order to make informed decisions about your health and your future.

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